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1. What type of hanger can I use?
We don’t specify a type of hanger that must be used. HOWEVER, here are some suggestions to make the store neater and easier to shop:
– Wire hangers slide easiest on the poles. Many dry cleaners will GIVE these away!
– We recommend that the small plastic hangers (that you can buy) only be used for infant and
toddler clothes with a small neck hole. Clothes bigger than this tend to fall off those small hangers.
– Hangers that come free with purchases from Wal-Mart tend to break…..
-The hangers with really small hooks will not fit on the poles…..
While we do not specify what types may or may not be used, we recommend that when you put
clothes on a hanger (whichever type you choose) whip them around as if they are in a tornado and if
they fall off the hanger or the hanger breaks, choose a different hanger for that outfit.
Our primary goal here is keeping your outfits together and OFF the floor :o)….

2. How should I price my items?
Price to sell! We suggest 1/3 of the new price if the item still looks GREAT!
-Always consider condition and age of item when pricing. Also SALE prices.
-Be slow to place, “ND” (No Discount) on your clothes. DO NOT put ND on items that you never want to see again.
It is much more profitable to put $3 on an outfit that cost you $15 new than to put ND$7 when people are aware they probably could have gotten it new on clearance for $5 to $7…..

3. Where can I get hangers?
Personally, we get our hangers from dry-cleaners. If you can not find one willing to give you enough, Wal-Mart sells 10 wire hangers for $1.

4. Do you sell safety pins?
No. At “pick-up” we put out the safety pins that are collected during
that sale for anyone to pick up handfuls & take home. We also have a handful on hand at “drop off”
for those who might need a few…..

5. Do you take stained outfits?
Not if we see it 🙂

6. Will I get my hangers back after the sale?
No, the clothes are not taken off the hangers at check out and are therefore “purchased” with the outfit.

7. Do you have a discount day?
Yes, the last 2 days of our sale are 50% off of any item that does not have an “ND” in front of the price on the price tag.

8. What do you do with your leftover items?
All items not picked up or that are donated automatically become property of Klassy Kids. The Charity of our choosing picks up those left over items the same night as check pick-up. Recently, we have donated them to TNT Ministries who holds a “free sale” from the back of a Ryder-Type truck in the projects in Scottsboro.

NOTE: Items in the early years have been donated to Asbury Thrift Store, and True Light Church of God in Christ located in North Huntsville.

9. I know your site says no children at the presales, but, can we bring our infants who are
nursing to the pre-sales?

No, I’m sorry, We must be very strict on this rule. The lines can be very long and there are many more reasons for this, but you may want to bring a friend/neighbor/ mother/ sister etc… to watch your nursing baby while shopping at Target or waiting
in the car and when your child is hungry, the two of you can swap places…..

10. How should I tag SHOES?
Shoes are sorted in boxes by size and unfortunately it is very hard to keep pairs together, however, in this location, we have been able to use shelves.
-We suggest you tie your shoe strings together
-Some people put a piece of masking tape to the bottom of each shoe and write their consignor # and price on the tape to aid us if the tag is misplaced
-Stick a saftey pin through the knot if desired to hold better
-You may place them in a Ziploc bag or Bread bag (cheaper & larger) if desired
-tape the tag on the outside of the bag with packing tape and tape the bag shut
-When describing your shoes on the card, it helps to put the color, brand and any markings
(“with embroidered flower” or “Spiderman”) that are on the shoes this way if they get taken
out of the bag – to be tried on or something, we can put them back together.
-We DO NOT recommend keeping them in their original box – they will FALL OUT.

11. I know your website says, “Fall/Winter clothing”, Do you take short sleeves during this sale?
Absolutely! Here in Alabama, I’ve been known to wear shorts on Christmas day, so we take short sleeves and even shorts, however, we try to steer clear of Sundresses, Tanks, Sandals, Swimwear or anything else that screams, “Summer!”

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