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Tips for $UCE$$

    -Look at your clothing and fabrics under a florescent light (in the kitchen or laundry room).
    Stains can be picked up under a florescent light that may not be seen under lamp or soft lighting.

    -Remove stains from white collars and other white areas using a BLEACH PEN.

    -Use Bread Bags instead of baggies for light-weight items; they are MUCH cheaper than ZipLoc.

    -Saran Wrap can be wrapped around puzzles & books. Packing tape your tag ON TOP of the
    Saran Wrap, this keeps the tape from sticking to and ruining books & puzzles.

    -REFRESH your mind by READING ALL of the brochure/website EVERY SALE.

    -Freshly wash items that may have been in the closet a while with a great smelling detergent.

    -CLEAN all of your items to the maximum presentation.

    -Ask yourself, “Would I buy this item from a total stranger?”

    -When Considering Price and presentation keep in mind that your clothes/toys/furniture etc have absolutely no sentimental value to potential customers.

    -There are more girls clothes consigned; a lower priced item has more potential to be bought over a higher priced item.

    -Tape your plastic bags shut with packing tape. Scotch tape will not hold.

    -Tell your friends about the sale! Who knows, they might bring their mother too!

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