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How to Price:

    At the request of many of our consignors, we introduce our pricing guide:

    We want you to make MONEY and not have to take your items back home.
    You are welcome to price your items as you wish but here are a few things to keep in mind when considering your pricing:

    1. Price to sell! Clothing sells best at 25-30% of the new price when it is still in perfect condition. (A new item at $10 would sell for $1-$3 depending on condition and age.)

    2. Use, “ND” (no discount) sparingly, in other words, take 1/2 price for those items you never want to see again.

    3. It is much more profitable to put $3 on an outfit that cost you $15 new than to put ND$7 when people are aware they probably could have gotten it on clearance for $5 to $7 new…..

    4. Ask yourself, “How much would I pay for this item when buying from a total stranger?”

    5. When considering price and presentation keep in mind that your clothes/toys/furniture etc. have absolutely no sentimental value to potential customers.

    6. There are more girls clothes consigned; a lower priced item has more potential to be bought over a higher priced item.

    7. Remember, $1 is the lowest you can price any item – Dollar Increments only – no change.

    Click here for Clothing Suggestions

    Consignors GOLDEN RULE: Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy!

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