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Fri, Sept. 1:       9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sat, Sept. 2:       10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Those who will be out of town may get an appointment to drop off early through Sign UP Genius below:

Klassy Kids Volunteer Sign-Up

What to Expect:
Our Friday & Saturday Drop Off Process differs a little from each sale depending on what time you come in, how many other people are there at the same time and if you have followed the instructions to the letter from our website.

We do not hold appointments for our regular drop off dates. This is first come first serve.

You bring in your items already tagged and ready to go. We have a few shopping carts, wagons and clothing racks to help out for those who need them.

Before arriving, you should have your clothes pre-counted, separated by gender and in order by size. Some people band each size together with rubber bands, ties, or zip ties to make it easier getting them from the house to the car and the car to the store.

We currently have 10 check-in stations (clothing racks really)… where you will place your items. (Large items, toys, shoes and other things not on hangers can be placed on the floor below your rack). Separate them on the rack – boy on one side, girl on the other and place them in order from left to right (24 month, 2T, 3T and so on).

One of our volunteers will look over every tag and item checking for batteries, stains, working order, clean, and to make sure your tags are 3×5 horizontal index cards that contain a description, size, price and your consignor number.

After all this is done we give you a “Reminder of Pick Up” slip, one “Consignor Pass” and two “Consignor Guest Passes”, You then sign out (name, consignor number and how many items you have.)

This also contains a spot for your signature stating that you have read and understand our terms for consigning which are as follows:

“I realize that during the Klassy Kids Sale, Wendy Smith, and Traci Reeves will not be held responsible for:
-Lost, stolen, damaged items or items damaged due to flood, fire or other natural disaster.
-Injury on the premises
-Left items. If my unsold items are not picked up by 8:00 p.m. on the said pick up date they become the property of Klassy Kids Exchange, and all rights will be forfeited.”

Allow 5 to 30 minutes in usual circumstances depending on if there is a line, (Obviously longer lines will incur more waiting time) how many items you are consigning and if everything has been done correctly.

THEN, you are on your merry way, in anticipation of our VOLUNTEER or CONSIGNOR sale dates, telling all your friends that you just consigned your items at the best shop in town and you get on the phone immediately invite them to shop, post it on Facebook, print out the flyer from our website and post it in the break room at work, or in the daycare, or the library or your favorite coffee spot. :o) And have a happy day knowing that your house is finally free from all that clutter and you will make a nice check (if the price was right) in about 3 to 4 weeks. :o)

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