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Here’s how our Volunteer program works

    Bronze Level (3 hours)

    – Shop one hour before the public on the first day of 1/2 price day

    Silver (8 hours – 4 of which during sorting*)

    – All Benefits of Bronze PLUS

    – Shop Before Public!  Silver allows you to shop for 6pm-9pm on Tuesday during the Volunteer Pre-Sale.

    Gold (volunteer 10 hours – 4 of which during sorting*)

    – All Benefits of Silver PLUS

    – Shop FIRST! Gold Level allows you to shop beginning at 5pm on Tuesday during the Volunteer Pre-Sale.

    Platinum Level (volunteer 10 hours – 5 during setup or teardown, plus 5 hours of normal volunteer time)

    – All Benefits of Gold PLUS receive $50 off or 10% (whichever is greater)… to be reimbursed after all requirements of Man Help are satisfied.

    Choose from the levels above and the hours list and CLICK HERE to sign up and guarantee your time slot(s).



    What do Volunteers do?

    There are so many things a person can volunteer to do at Klassy Kids Exchange–even if you are VERY pregnant, or have a disability, don’t worry, we have a job for you!

    – Organize and distribute clothes, toys, shoes, books and other items during drop-off.

    – Watch for outdated, stained and out of season clothing.

    – Greet people during public sales and help with the sign in process during drop off.

    – Remove tags and safety pins at check out.>

    – Help customers with large loads to his/her car.

    – Sort all items at the end of the sale to be given back to their rightful owners.


    To be considered a Volunteer and Receive the Benefits, one MUST SHOW UP WHEN SCHEDULED.

    This is a Once in a Lifetime Chance!  IF you fail to show up for your Scheduled Hours (without rescheduling), you may NOT participate in the “Shop One Hour Before the Public on 1/2 PRICE DAY,” and you will not be allowed to volunteer for future KLASSY KIDS VOLUNTEER Programs.

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